So I love to live in spray tan because it gives me that confidence boost as well as… I am gorgeously tanned! Sometimes some oopies do occur such as your tan coming off onto your favourite white top or pants! Its always stressful to wash white items because we are so afraid of it going YELLOW! But dont you fear as I have had this happen to me and I have finally found the perfect solution for it! Before anything – Soak your top in quarter bucket of water and

So many of my clients ask me after being spray tanned РOKAY GREAT Рnow how long will it last? and my response is well my dearest Рthat is up to you! Firstly your skin has to be prepped before any spray tanning happens which is exfoliating your skin and shaving 8 hours before. Once your body has been spray tanned with Caribbean Tan, you have to let your tan develop for atleast 8 hours ( I recommend tanning at night and then going to sleep with it on

There is absolutely nothing better than standing in the beaming sun while listening to the most amazing tunes and looking like a bronzed goddess! There is just something about glittery bronzed skin that makes me feel like I am confident in my own skin, I know that I look healthy and that dam oh dam people notice me! Check out my latest video on a festival look using Caribbean Tans Body Shimmer on my cheeks and body while adding some amazing gold glitter to give it that real extra shine

Music Festival Look


Hi Everyone!! Today’s video is a simple and easy to do festival look :) Summer is literally on our door steps which I couldnt be more happier about as all the music festivals are about to begin! Products used are all from CATRICE which can be purchased at any Dischem, Red Square Beauty and selected Pick n Pay. Prime and Fine Anti Red Base All Matt Plus Shine Control – Sand Beige Camouflage Cream – Light Beige Prime and Fine Professional Contouring Palette – Warm Harmony Prime and Fine Mattifying

Being a Wall Flower


I feel like I havent written from my heart in quite sometime and one of things I have really been enjoying about life is watching others live theirs and how they handle and do things in their own lives ( I could call it being a fly on the wall but I’m a girl and I prefer to be called a flower ) If you have read my previous personal blog posts you will know I went through a tough time with life, friends etc so I thought an updated

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