With these days being as hot as they are, it is very important to keep your skin hydrated and looking healthy! I have an amazing solution to that which is Eau Thermale thermal spring water – Its number one in Europe ( which means its amazing ). There is a micro-flora in Avene Thermal spring water that has been factually isolated to continue long life which explains the reason to why you need to purchase this product from any leading Dischem. Its multi-purpose, its light to carry, its easy to

Whats Love?


I remember love as I and my friends would explain it to be not able to tell if you wanted to run up and smooch them all over or drop down to the floor because you couldn’t believe that they were yours. It was about days where talking everyday constantly wasn’t a bother and every occasion, party, grandmothers birthday you did them together. It was the days when R&B filled your souls – Chris Brown – Yo – would be the perfect way to ease into a dance with you

Setting yourself up for any expectations is silly in my opinion. You are constantly setting yourself up for well… majority of the time failure because we cannot predict what life is going to throws at us next month  or even in the next 5 minutes. I also hate how New Years Resolutions are created to be this INSANELY HUGE GOAL that needs to be reached now and now only! I am going to buy myself that Harley Davidson next month and I don’t care that I will have to struggle

So I love to live in spray tan because it gives me that confidence boost as well as… I am gorgeously tanned! Sometimes some oopies do occur such as your tan coming off onto your favourite white top or pants! Its always stressful to wash white items because we are so afraid of it going YELLOW! But dont you fear as I have had this happen to me and I have finally found the perfect solution for it! Before anything – Soak your top in quarter bucket of water and

So many of my clients ask me after being spray tanned – OKAY GREAT – now how long will it last? and my response is well my dearest – that is up to you! Firstly your skin has to be prepped before any spray tanning happens which is exfoliating your skin and shaving 8 hours before. Once your body has been spray tanned with Caribbean Tan, you have to let your tan develop for atleast 8 hours ( I recommend tanning at night and then going to sleep with it on

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