Summer beauty tips


As summer is approaching, us girls are either working on our bodies to get that bikini bod ready or ensuring that our see-through bodies are tanned ready so that they don’t land up on the beach and blend in with the sun or blind everyone with the sun bouncing off of us. One thing that I dont like about summer and that is that hot weather doesnt go well with makeup but below are a few of my tips and tricks to ensure you are looking your absolute best during

GIVE AWAY TIME!!!! rubybox is giving away 2 Naked 2 Palettes from Urban Decay. Urban Decay has been a makeup brand that I have always wanted to get my hands on but they weren’t in South Africa and we all know what its like ordering online with those heavy duty fees (buy one for the price of two!!!) Well none of that anymore as Urban Decay has finally reached our African soil and I must tell you – I shall be broke each and every month until I get my

Winged eyeliner has always been something that I have struggled with so much that I didn’t even bother with it! But its not like myself to give up so I saw a video from a You-tuber that used sellotape. What a genius! I am now able to have a precised line as well as do my eye-shadow and not worry about the end of the eyes being messy. Watch my full video below from foundation routine to my eyes using only Catrice products – Catrice has become my go to

Many of us don’t know what type of skin we have which is a huge mistake because we tend to use products that could be damaging our skin instead of doing any good. Read below what different skin types there are so that in future when purchasing products to help you with your skin, you will have a better idea and understanding – Dry Skin Dry skin is very flaky and dull in colour. Your skin becomes very rough and you are unable to pull an expression without feeling slight

I know right? Is she crazy! NO…I am not (okay only a little). I used to always use makeup wipes to remove my makeup because I was just darn right lazy (still am a little haha, okay a lot!) and it did the job so quickly. I kind of became irritated if I couldn’t find one because it would mean that I needed to put effort into washing my face. But I would never understand as to why my skin always landed up acne prone as well as very very

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