Why makeup wipes are bad for you

I know right? Is she crazy! NO…I am not (okay only a little). I used to always use makeup wipes to remove my makeup because I was just darn right lazy (still am a little haha, okay a lot!) and it did the job so quickly. I kind of became irritated if I couldn’t find one because it would mean that I needed to put effort into washing my face.

But I would never understand as to why my skin always landed up acne prone as well as very very dry so I did some investigating. Truth be told many many skin professionals and make up artists stray away from make up wipes.

Reasons are as follows –

Full of chemicals – many of us don’t read the ingredients on the packet because we trust the name and description given. There are so many chemicals infused into these wipes that tend to attack your skin which makes it even worse but triggers your mind to continuously use it because you feel as-though it corrects the problem.

Full of stripping alcohol – this is what makes it so amazingly easy to remove your makeup but its actually stripping away at your new skin which is never a good thing. New skin needs to be taken care of and if you have me, the word “stripping” isn’t something I’d like to be doing to it.

Dirt goes into your pores – Even though the make up wipe looks like it just went to town on your face, you are actually pushing the dirt and make up into your pores while wiping which tends to block your pores. This was the reason to why my skin was becoming acne prone. Your face looks clean but actually all of the dirt has been pushed into your pores.

Some people tend to use make up wipes to remove make up and then cleanse their face but if you have me that takes up too much time as cleansing your face removes your make up completely as well as cleaning your pores.

If need be, I would use makeup wipes to remove stubborn eyeshadow and mascara.

How do you remove your makeup?

Till next time xxx

Lauren Correia

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