Being a wall flower

I feel like I havent written from my heart in quite sometime and one of things I have really been enjoying about life is watching others live theirs and how they handle and do things in their own lives ( I could call it being a fly on the wall but I’m a girl and I prefer to be called a flower )

If you have read my previous personal blog posts you will know I went through a tough time with life, friends etc so I thought an updated version on how I am doing and how I have been coping since then (spoiler alert – I am happy )

With me being very careful when it comes to meeting people and choosing who I allow into my heart has been a task because I do tend to love and let in many too quickly but luckily I have learnt from that and its been quite an eye opener because I find that the people I meet are doing the exact same as myself by examining and observing.

If you have gone through a tough time with people and life but you have come out of it slightly, alot or not quite sure then I am sure you are at the same place as me where we have realized okay – clean slate, lets try a different approach. So my option to you is to become a wall flower!

Being a wall flower you are able to sit back and see things as they are around you. You see how others treat others, you see what they like to do and what they don’t like to do and you form this perception of the person while still having a few back and forth conversations to get to know them a little because hey! Judgement is never key. This allows you to see how you will be treated and how you will fit into their ways of doing things which is a better approach in making friends because you can see if this is for you or not instead of going through the whole drama of making friends and then it doesnt work out.

Always keeping a smile on your face, always engaging about positive thoughts and never opening up too much to people you first meet is the best type of person you can be because people are attracted to things of honest beauty, bright interesting conversations – basically all a flower is about! They don’t get too know all about you, they get excited to see you again to get to know more about you and embrace what you embrace and visa versa. This is where the friendship will start to form and bloom ( haha see what I did there ) and when it does that is when you are allowed to show your roots – what you are about, what has made you the way you are, the darker sides to yourself. Think about it, if you take a flower out of the ground and the roots aren’t being taken care of then the flower will die – that is exactly what you will be if you aren’t careful of who you show your roots to! You need to show it to people who will put you back in the ground and nurture you to keep you being the beautiful flower you are.

I am very happy at the moment because my garden of flowers around me are blooming as I nurture my wall flower friends while they do the same to me. Things in life only grow if you put effort in and give the things in life the right care it needs.

One of my favourite quotes towards the people I have met during my journey through life is – “There’s nothing like deep breaths after laughing that hard. Nothing in the world like a sore stomach for the right reasons.” The reason for this is because each and every single friend that I currently have does this to me – old friend and new friends because I have made my circle, I have made the decision to allow these people in and I have made my life what it is now.

Let me know what your ways of taking care of your friends are?


Lauren Correia

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