Cream or powder

Contour is something that has taken over the make-up world drastically over the past 3 years.

Thanks to the Kardashian clan who threw contouring into the spotlight (even though make-up artists have been doing it for years!) but alas we love it.

Loads of my clients has either had a powder or cream contour and through trial and error, I have realised that either a cream or a powder will work on certain skin types.  Sometimes both…

Let me give you the rundown:


Cream is great for dry skin since the oil inside of the cream hydrates your skin to give that dewy finish. The cream contour also has a long lasting wear because you blend this into your foundation routine, which thereafter is spritzed with finish spray to last during the day.  People sometimes think that cream contouring can leave a cakey finish which it can but that is because of either putting on too much or because of the type of skin you have. Oily skin will appear to be alot more oiler when using cream contour.



Powder contouring is more so for oily skin and beginners because it is easier to work with. You can define your face alot easier with powder.  The brush gives you power and control over the surface of where you place your powder. Oily skin will absorb the powder which will create a matte look all around.

Cream and Powder

I use cream and powder together as I have combination skin. I use the cream contouring around my forehead and under my jaw line while using powder to define my cheek bones. I would play around with both products to see what works for you and what type of looks you want to go for. I very much like a dewy look but with the type of skin I have , I need to opt for both.


What do you use to contour?


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