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Many of us don’t know what type of skin we have which is a huge mistake because we tend to use products that could be damaging our skin instead of doing any good. Read below what different skin types there are so that in future when purchasing products to help you with your skin, you will have a better idea and understanding –

Dry Skin

Dry skin is very flaky and dull in colour. Your skin becomes very rough and you are unable to pull an expression without feeling slight discomfort. Loose skin mostly around the nose. This is due to the skin being dehydrated as well as the oil in your facial pores aren’t producing enough natural oils to keep the skin moist.

Dehydrated Skin

Similar to dry skin but fine lines and discomfort when pulling expressions is worse. Very tight when pulling skin with your hand and no oil substance occurs around skin. Skin looks older than what it should look and pores are larger than normal

 Use a cleansing cream for both dry and dehydrated skin. Moisturiser in the morning and a richer one at night time. An extra benefit would be to use a serum. Go to any body shop/chemist and speak to a consultant. Great buys in my opinion for serums is from Kiehls.

Oily Skin

Speaks for itself. Shinny all over and acne prone. Your skin becomes untouchable and very uncomfortable. Rice paper is great for men and woman with oily skin as it soaks up the oil when using.

Normal Skin

You are gods gift to this earth haha! Basically normal skin is having an even complexion but still needs to be maintained or is being maintained. Weather is also prone to adjust your skin from time to time but mostly normal easy going skin is your type.

Use a cleanser that has clay or foam within. Moisturiser is also important to do morning and night. Toners are great for oily and normal type as it brings the PH balance back to normal within the dermis when using products. 

Combination Skin

Your skin is both oily and dry in certain parts. Oily mostly in your T zone area (forehead, nose and cheeks) and then dry on the other parts.

Acne Prone Skin

Your skin is high in oils and hormones which creates acne all over. This is sometimes needing medical help which is when you would need to seek a dermatologist.

Use cleansers which have salicylic or benzol peroxide inside. Combination skin is manageable but when it comes to acne prone skin I would seek a doctors advice as there are many many reasons to why we break out on the surface such as hormones, immune system, diet etc so the cleaning purpose might not be the problem. 

What type of skin do you have? What do you use to cleanse?

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