How to clean your brushes

There is nothing worse than trying to apply your make up with a stiff make up brush that smells of well…. gross! I find that cleaning your brushes once or twice a month is really great to do because you you are ensuring that your brushes are clean as well as not cleaning them too much that you start to damage your brushes and minimize their life span.

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Step 1

Take any anti-bacterial hand wash/soap and place on a flat surface ( I am using Embody Hand Wash in Cherry Blossom and Bamboo from Woolworths). A hand wash or soap is great as you are able to use all the great ingredients within the product to clean your brushes as much as possible. Make sure that it is anti-bacterial though because you need to fight those horrible germs! Bacteria is all over everything and we all know that bacteria causes pimples. If you don’t clean your brushes properly then you are going to re-apply the bacteria and have to fight a loosing battle constantly with pimps!

Step 2

Take extra virgin olive oil and place it right next to your soap ( I am using Vesuvio Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil). The oil will ensure to keep the hairs on your brushes well nourished and conditioned.

Step 3

One by one take your brushes and place them into the soap and oil at the same time. Then on the palm of your hand in circular motions, rub the soap into the brush so that the substance can get straight to the bottom of the strands. Place your brushes down until you have completed them all so that they have time for the anti-bacterial in the soap to attack those nasty boys!

Step 4

With luke warm water take each brush one by one and swirl. Then again use the palm of your hand and circular motions to ensure the water reaches the bottom of the strands and rinses well.

Make sure to shape your brushes back to their original shape! This is crucial to do when they are wet!

Step 5

Place in the sun to dry out. Do not use a hair dryer as the heat will cause the glue holding the strands in your brush together to start melting and you don’t want that because the next time you use your brush – the hairs will start to land up all over your face! Its annoying and itchy!

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