How to make independence work for you

One sentence – find happiness in yourself! This is the most crucial step to take to ensure you are on the right path towards in-dependency. If you are finding yourself in a bit of a hole/rut then take a read from my 4 walls saved me blog – How 4 walls saved me. It might not be the same story as yours but I feel we can all relate in a way. Once you get over trying to find validation in others and rather in yourself… well ,well done! Step one completed.

Step two – allow yourself to be okay with what you have gone through. I feel as-though many people shy away from talking about things such as depression, anxiety etc because they don’t want to feel too vulnerable or embarrassed. DON’T! You are you and nobody truer than you so allow yourself to be okay to spread your story because you will find out that you firstly aren’t the only one and secondly its weight off your shoulders.

Step three is to find the things in every aspect of your being that you are best at. The way you think, talk and walk! Be the best of it so that you are comfortable in whatever you are doing. Doing this will attract the people who have similar ways of doing things and you will find yourself surrounded by common understandings and mutual agreements which is much better than being in a crowd of people you pretend to be because ultimately we all know its just a darker hole within yourself that grows to nasty situations and thoughts.

Step four is to find what you are good at, what you dream about, what you want to be! Believe me, with enough will power, perseverance you are able to achieve it. Look at me! I grew up riding quad bikes, fishing and between me and you didn’t really want to wash my hair for days (gross I know!) but now, I am a woman who found her passion in beauty  at the age of 16 and its 9 years later and only now am I blooming with a little success and growing! (but I do love a good fishing weekend and riding bikes). Every step forward is a step in the right direction. I have stumbled many many times but I picked myself up because I believe I can and I believe I will be who I set myself out to be.

Working on yourself is the fundamental base for anything in your life whether it be success, relationships etc – you have to believe in yourself. We all know those friendships, relationship, workplace where we comment things such as she/he deserves better, why don’t they see it? Its because they aren’t at the place where they believe in themselves, they are at the place where they feel they deserve this and carry on with life on this thing called hope. Don”t live your life on hope, live your life on reality, on you! Once you live your life for you, decisions will become clearer to what you deserve.

Share your story with me as I would love to find out about the journeys my readers are or have gone through and how you have gotten to the independent space you are in.

Till next time xxxx


Lauren Correia

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