How to prolong your tan

So many of my clients ask me after being spray tanned – OKAY GREAT – now how long will it last? and my response is well my dearest – that is up to you! Firstly your skin has to be prepped before any spray tanning happens which is exfoliating your skin and shaving 8 hours before.

Once your body has been spray tanned with Caribbean Tan, you have to let your tan develop for atleast 8 hours ( I recommend tanning at night and then going to sleep with it on – yes it does come out of your sheets as it is water soluble ) until you shower. When showering avoid using exfoliate, scrubbing sponges and hard aggressive water coming out of the shower head. You must remember that it is your cells that have been spray tanned and if you are doing things that cause your body to shed more cells than normal then your tan will come off quicker.

What our aim to do is take care of our cells, nurture them so for example every time you get out of a soft, not too long shower ( no bathing as your cells soak up water which creates granny skin and then the tan has no chance ) put on Caribbean Tan body butter. The body butter is designed to lock in moisture into your cells which prolongs them and keep the skin hydrated. Your tan will last longer the more hydrated your skin is, the more gentle you are with how you clean and all round just maintaining.

Our bodies do shed about 30 000 skin cells every hour ( CRAZY I know ) so taking care of your tan once it is applied is crucial to get the best out of it.

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