Setting yourself up for any expectations is silly in my opinion. You are constantly setting yourself up for well… majority of the time failure because we cannot predict what life is going to throws at us next month  or even in the next 5 minutes. I also hate how New Years Resolutions are created to be this INSANELY HUGE GOAL that needs to be reached now and now only! I am going to buy myself that Harley Davidson next month and I don’t care that I will have to struggle

Contour is something that has taken over the make-up world drastically over the past 3 years. Thanks to the Kardashian clan who threw contouring into the spotlight (even though make-up artists have been doing it for years!) but alas we love it. Loads of my clients has either had a powder or cream contour and through trial and error, I have realised that either a cream or a powder will work on certain skin types.  Sometimes both… Let me give you the rundown: Cream Cream is great for dry skin

Summer Beauty Tips

As summer is approaching, us girls are either working on our bodies to get that bikini bod ready or ensuring that our see-through bodies are tanned ready so that they don’t land up on the beach and blend in with the sun or blind everyone with the sun bouncing off of us. One thing that I dont like about summer and that is that hot weather doesnt go well with makeup but below are a few of my tips and tricks to ensure you are looking your absolute best during

I know right? Is she crazy! NO…I am not (okay only a little). I used to always use makeup wipes to remove my makeup because I was just darn right lazy (still am a little haha, okay a lot!) and it did the job so quickly. I kind of became irritated if I couldn’t find one because it would mean that I needed to put effort into washing my face. But I would never understand as to why my skin always landed up acne prone as well as very very

There is nothing worse than trying to apply your make up with a stiff make up brush that smells of well…. gross! I find that cleaning your brushes once or twice a month is really great to do because you you are ensuring that your brushes are clean as well as not cleaning them too much that you start to damage your brushes and minimize their life span. Watch my video here on Instagram! Step 1 Take any anti-bacterial hand wash/soap and place on a flat surface ( I am

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