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As summer is approaching, us girls are either working on our bodies to get that bikini bod ready or ensuring that our see-through bodies are tanned ready so that they don’t land up on the beach and blend in with the sun or blind everyone with the sun bouncing off of us. One thing that I dont like about summer and that is that hot weather doesnt go well with makeup but below are a few of my tips and tricks to ensure you are looking your absolute best during summer 2016.

Highlighter – Something that always gives off a natural glow is highlighter on the cheek bones and collar bones. Even if you don’t have any make up on, this will still work just as well as it gives a youthful glow that will catch the suns rays and make you stand out so beautifully. Also highlighter snaps amazingly on camera. My best buys is – MAC Iridescent Pressed Powder in Sparkling Rose

Primer – primer will ensure that your makeup stays put during the hot days. Primer is applied onto the skin after moisturiser and before foundation. Primer needs to be a silicone like mix so that it can seep into your pores and control your “sweating” and help ensure that your makeup lasts longer. My recommendation is Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Foundation – if you are out in the day then I wouldn’t recommend a heavy foundation as this could start to create a cakey like mess on your face and that is never a good thing. I would recommend a CC Cream. One that I have loved over the summers is Boujois CC Cream as it creates a smooth canvas on my face creating a no make-up make-up look. This CC Cream over a tan is just gorgeous as it has the orange and green qualities to it to ensure all imperfections are covered while working nicely with your tan to give you that instant glow!

Bronzer – This is a MUST during summer. This I find creates a bronzed youthful glowing looking skin and there is only one holy grail bronzer that I will never replace and that is MAC Skinfinish in the colour GIVE ME SUN! This bronzer is the only bronzer that I have come across that looks natural yet so damn bronzed at the same time that it cannot be natural – am I even making sense… no! but I just cant explain this bronzer as it is life!

Rice Paper – This is a must during summer as rice paper is used to soak up the oils on your face without budging your makeup. You can also use a tissue but put it apart this you have a very thing piece and place it over the oil and dap, dont wipe! Best ones that I have come across are All about Matt! Oil Control Paper from Essence

Tanner – Even though I have olive skin (which over the years I thought was the best tan I could get) I use Caribbean Tan spritzer in the colour B to enhance my tan. Remember even though there is a colour within the bottle, the DHA component enhances your own natural skin colour (which is obvious because otherwise the colour would look the same on all of us) Contact me regards to spray tanning.

What are your bronzed secrets for this summer?






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