Tresemme BOTANIQUE Hair Review

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Hello all you lovely humans!

Today I am blogging about a secret that I have been waiting so patiently to share with you all. For myself, working in the Cosmetix industry I have to look my best constantly which means that my hair doesn’t really get a break from my hairdryer, straightener and products with all kinds of chemicals in them.

Tresemme has come out with a new product called BONTANIQUE Hair Shampoo and Conditioner which has turned my hair from damaged damzelle in distress to hello hair commercial.

The reason to why this shampoo and conditioner is a MUST buy this winter is because of many reasons – 

  1. Natural ingredients has been added to the formula
  2. NO Parabens
  3. NO Dyes
  4. NO Silicones
  5. Lower Sulphates

The reason to why the above mentioned is so important is because Tresemme has taken the time to create a product that not only cleans and nourishes your hair after every wash but its a treatment that starts to give life back into your hair by cutting out the bad guys and adding in the good guys.

My review

I have been using this for 5 days now and the results are out of this world –

  1. My hair has its moisture re-in-stored
  2. After each wash, brushing my hair isn’t such a tug and pull situation because the conditioner really gets into my hair from my roots to my tips
  3. I am a lover of natural ingredients as I am anti chemicals type of person when it comes to my beauty products as I personally feel natural ingredients can only do whats best for you and the environment apposed to chemicals

Would I purchase this product again? 

YES! The best part is that its right on my doorstep. You can purchase this product from –

  • Clicks
  • Dischem
  • PnP
  • Spar
  • Game
  • Checkers
  • Shoprite


Have you tried this product yet? Let me know your thoughts


Lauren Correia

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