NY resolutions are silly

Setting yourself up for any expectations is silly in my opinion. You are constantly setting yourself up for well… majority of the time failure because we cannot predict what life is going to throws at us next month  or even in the next 5 minutes.

I also hate how New Years Resolutions are created to be this INSANELY HUGE GOAL that needs to be reached now and now only!

  • I am going to buy myself that Harley Davidson next month and I don’t care that I will have to struggle for months on end because I deserve this bike, its 2017 bitches! YOLO!
    • Ahhh, ya no – how about you rather visit a proper mechanic and get that lowered bumper of yours back to where it belongs so you can stop creating small fires each time you go over a speed bump. Last I check YOLO was 2015 aswell?
  • I am going to go on that diet where I don’t eat for the entire time and hope that air alone will help me look like Victoria Secret Models – rather start eating healthier, making better life choices such as not taking out a Wonga loan each month to go to each outdoor party and hashtag #livingthedream #ijusttookamollyandithinkthisismythird ( Don’t you just love Jordan Belfort song? )
  • I am going to go to gym 3 times a week – you will do this for say a month, then something will come up and then something else and before you know it, you are stuck at Virgin Active gym paying R500 odd a month and maybe just maybe popping in to their Kauai to get a smoothie because going into a shopping mall to get one requires too much effort ( Yes – that is me currently but it’s a New Year so I shall see your soon Virgin Active to come and pick up a few of your sweaty weights and pretend like I know what I am doing for 3 sessions and then pay you for 11 more months for jack shit! )

Its brilliant that we get this feeling of yes! It’s a new year to start over but why would you really want to start over. My theory is you live your life how you want to live it and everyday things change and we learn to adapt and ultimately become a different human being than we were say last week for example – our visions, attention to people  and the love for different foods etc change.

Our personality will stay (Hangry – angry and hungry at the same time is definitely something that has stayed throughout all my years of life!!) which is who we are as people but we are constantly moulding into better ( hopefully for you – if not – read my 4 walls blog ) versions of ourselves.

Goals are created to keep your mind stimulated. They are designed to keep you looking forward to something, so if New Year Resolutions are for you then be kind to yourself while doing so. Reach for things that you know each and every day you will work towards it, something that your family and friends can constantly remind you of and  most of all something that can keep you motivated, optimistic and feeling great about yourself. The destination is the best part but make sure the journey is great too!

I wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year and I really and truly hope that your New Years resolutions are reached.

Mine is to blog more but hey… you might get one next week or next month… haha!

Till then xx

Lauren Correia

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